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Queer Futures

Is ‘queer’ still a useful concept? How can queer thought and artistic expression contribute to reimagining possible futures?
Queer Futures seeks to attract critical interventions in the debate on queer as a concept, its potential and futurity. Given the problematic legacy of queer, a term mainly associated with white gay male history and thus only partly operative for lesbians, people of color, or trans*, intersex, and non-binary people, this series not only deliberates the possible futures of queer as a concept, but also strives to imagine queer futures.
Aesthetic considerations play an important role in thinking about queer futures. In the context of the series, we understand the aesthetic as the capacity of media environments to profoundly change and reorientate our perception. To this end, Queer Futures promotes theoretically advanced research on a range of creative expressions by feminist, queer, and trans* media artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, performers, curators, and writers that materialize futures and forms of community. Contributions address the aesthetics of sexual and gender identities and engage critically and creatively with persisting hegemonic ways that cultural artifacts are produced and exhibited. Queer Futures aims to provide a platform for exploring how various theoretical, artistic, and activist cultures translate, appropriate, critique, and redefine queer as a concept and the visions of the future it generates.

All works are internationally peer-reviewed.

The series is edited by Kathrin Dreckmann, Bettina Papenburg and Jami Weinstein.

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Queer Pop
Aesthetic Interventions in Contemporary Culture

von Bettina Papenburg, Kathrin Dreckmann (Hrsg.)

Band 1 der Reihe:
Queer Futures

Berlin 2024
ISBN: 978-3-11-079586-8
Preis: 89,95 €

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